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"Social networks like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook ... have a dark side. (They) are used as a communications vehicle for bullies, drug traffickers and sex abusers and more recently, very media-savvy extremist groups... to radicalise disaffected youth (and) recruit potential fighters to conflicts."

... Craig Richardson, CEO Wynyard Group Software,
Australian Financial Review Nov 11, 2014.

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"Red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy. The Euro Zone is teetering on the brink of a possible third recession, with high unemployment, falling growth and the real risk of falling prices (deflation) too. Emerging markets... are now slowing down"

... David Cameron, British Prime Minister
The Guardian Nov 17, 2014.

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"The Russians are much more aggressive right now across the board... both government and criminal elements... and we're having a tough time distinguishing between the two. (We are) certain the Russian government was condoning the compromises. It stretches credulity that Russian law enforcement and intelligence services, who monitor a hell of a lot of what their people do online, are not aware of what Russian hackers are doing."

... Kevin Mandia, Mandiant Internet Security,
AFR Nov 11, 2014.

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"Upon arrival on the scene, officers located the suspect and advised him (a 12 year-old African-American boy reportedly waving a gun in a playground) to raise his hands. The suspect did not comply with the officer's orders and reached to his waistband for the gun. Shots were fired and the suspect was struck in the torso (and subsequently died). Further information reveals that the weapon which the 12 year-old suspect was in possession of is an 'airsoft' type replica gun resembling a semi-automatic pistol."

... Spokes person, Cleveland Police
AFP Nov 24, 2014.

* Following this fatal shooting by Ohio police and an earlier one in August (Missouri police responding to a 911 shot and killed a black man also carrying a toy gun) state legislators planned to introduce a bill requiring all toy guns to be brightly coloured or have prominent fluorescent stripes.

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Realtor Working Alone Murdered : ... September 30, 2014.

An attractive 50 year-old Arkansas realtor has been murdered high-lighting the risks females face while working alone.

Beverly Carter disappeared after meeting a prospective buyer at an empty home in the town of Scott. Police used cellphone data to track her body to a shallow grave a half hour drive away. She leaves behind a husband, two sons and grandchildren.

The 33 year-old accused suspect told a reporter he targeted her "because she was just a woman that worked alone... a rich broker" and that he was "a stranger to her".

Uploaded Sept 30, 2014 by WSBT-TV.

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"Black Widow" Poisons 7 Partners: ... Nov 20, 2014.

A Japanese woman has been charged with the cyanide killing of 7 of her past partners... 4 husbands, 1 fiancee, and 2 former boyfriends.

The tiny, meek 67 year-old pleaded her innocence saying "This is terrible... there is no way for me to get such poison".

In just 10 years the "black widow" amassed a fortune of almost US$7 million dollars through inheritance and insurance.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2014 by World News Today:

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Fearing Home Invader Dad Shoots Daughter: ... Oct 17, 2014.

Fearing an intruder had broken into his home at night a South African man has mistakenly shot his 8 year-old daughter in the head.

Being awoken around 3:30am by dogs barking the frightened man grabbed his weapon from the gun safe and fired through a closed door killing the little girl who was trying to get into the room to be with her parents.

A similar tragedy took place in 2004 when former South African Springbok rugby star Rudi Visagie (thinking a burglar was driving away with his 19 year-old daughter's car) accidentally shot her dead. Tragically she had decided to leave very early that morning to visit her boyfriend for his birthday.

The recent tragedy where Oscar Pistorius also shot and killed his lover through a closed door highlights the ultra violent environment in South Africa. The murder rate is 5 times the global average with around 17,000 murders per year.

Uploaded FEb 14, 2013 by The Telegraph.

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Drone Risk to French Nuclear Plants? ... Nov 3, 2014.

A mysterious, co-ordinated wave of unidentified drone flights in recent weeks over at least 15 of France's nuclear power plants has authorities worried. It is illegal to operate drones within 5km of these installations.

France is the world's most nuclear dependant country with 58 nuclear reactors and 19 nuclear plants. Security experts are concerned that "the drones will take photos and video footage of the plants".

Greenpeace (a long time opponent of these nuclear plants) denies any involvement and alleges that additional security measures put in place after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA are inadequate. They claim "none of our nuclear plants could resist a plane crash" and even drones carrying explosives would present "an extremely important security issue".

Uploaded Nov 3, 2014 by Al Jazeera English:

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Window Washers Rescued From 69th Floor: ... Nov 12, 2014.

Two windows washers were left dangling precariously for over an hour 700 feet up the side of America's tallest building when a cable malfunctioned.

100 fire-fighters worked feverishly to rescue the two men using diamond cutters to cut through the inch-thick, triple-layer glass on the 68th floor before pulling them to safety.

The 1,776 foot 104-storey skyscraper had only been opened one week. The unique design of One World Trade Center makes for a complicated window cleaning rig.

Uploaded Nov 12, 2014 by CBS New York:

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Obese American Crash-Test Dummies: ... Nov 3, 2014.

Humanetics, the Michigan manufacturer of US crash-test dummies is planning to release models that will weigh 270 pounds (120kg) rather than the current 167 pounds (75kg).

The company says the current safety standards are based on data from 1980, whereas current data reveals 35% of the adult US population (almost 80 million) are obese (ref: the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention).

Humanetics' CEO Chris O'Connor said obese car occupants are 78% more likely to die in a car crash.

Uploaded Nov 3, 2014 by NBC News:

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Exploding Lithium Batteries Endanger Aircraft: ... Nov 1, 2014.

Undeclared exploding lithium batteries have started a fire in the cargo hold of a Boeing 737 about to take off from Melbourne International Airport in Australia.

The batteries belonged to a drone-operating film media company. Airport authorities said it was only "really good luck" that a disaster was averted.

Exploding lithium batteries were blamed for the crash of a UPS Boeing 747 cargo plane in the United Arab Emirates in 2010 which killed both crew members. An intense fire 20 minutes after take off disabled the crew's oxygen system and filled the plane with smoke.

Aviation authorities are extremely concerned about a global fake label scam by lithium battery manufacturers in China. High-discharge batteries (considered the world's most dangerous) are being falsely labelled as much less powerful to get around airline security regulations.

Uploaded on July 21, 2014 by UKCAA:

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Great White Shark Stalks Surfer: ... Oct 31, 2014.

A Great White shark has stalked a surfer for several minutes off Esperance on Western Australia's south coast as spectators watched on from the beach.

The daring young man chose not to high-tail it out of the water like all the other swimmers and surfers after the "shark alert" was sounded. Instead his luck held out and the shark eventually swam off

Another surfer wasn't so lucky ten days later when a Great White bit off both his hands and most of one arm at a nearby beach.

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2013 by World News&Everything AbouT Life:
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Who Ate My Lunch? by Eugene Roberts

The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

Are your job, income or savings under threat?

Read more of Who Ate My Lunch? for free.

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"Take a peek at this. You won't believe the accidents that can happen while you're at work, driving in your car, or fighting a bull!"...

"Now that's scary! Don't let it happen to you."

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Who Ate My Lunch?
by Eugene Roberts

cover who ate my lunch

The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old Business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

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Who Ate My Lunch?
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