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"This dude is straight-up nuts."

... "American Sniper" Chris Kyle
AP, Feb 13 2015.

*The legendary Navy seal sniper texted this message to his friend Chad Littlefield shortly before they were both shot to death by a mentally disturbed former marine they had been asked to help (by his worried mother). The 27 year-old killer,who also served in Iraq, was handed a non-parole life-time prison sentence.

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"It is considered legitimate for a girl to be married at the age of 9... most pure girls will be married by 16 or 17... It is always preferable for a woman to remain hidden and veiled."

... "Women of the Islamic State Manifesto & Case Study"
The Gold Coast Bulletin, Feb 7 2015.

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"If the Greeks exit the Euro currency, their new currency (let's call it the Drachma) will collapse by at least 40-50 percent on the first day.

They will also have hyperinflation, they will default on their loans, there will be a run on their bank deposits; the socialist government will have to nationalize all their key infrastructure assets, such as Athens sewerage and water.

The military will also be on the streets to stop riots.They will be the new Venezuela or Argentina of the world, and look how that played out - not well - for their respective governments and the dictators who took them down that route."

... Ashley Pittard, global portfolio manager PM Capital,
AFR Feb 18, 2015.

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"I found it strange that he was always on hand when patients were being resuscitated, often helping younger doctors with intubation (inserting a breathing tube into a patient's airways)."

... Doctor at Delmenhorst Hospital, Berlin
Gold Coast Bulletin Jan 10, 2015.

*A 38-year-old male nurse has admitted to killing 30 patients and attempting to kill 60 more because "I was bored"... and because he wanted to show off his CPR skills to impress his colleagues.

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Hackers Steal Up To $1Billion: ... Feb 15, 2015.

Russian speaking gangs of computer criminals have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars, and possibly up to $1 billion from banks around the globe. Some of the servers and web domains used by the hackers were also apparently based in China (but might also have been faked by the hackers).

Russian computer-security firm Kaspersky Lab has found over 100 banks in Russia, Japan, the U.S. and Europe were hacked during the past year.

Uploaded Feb 15, 2015 by RT.

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Brazil Water Crisis Wreaks Havoc. ... Feb 18, 2015.

The residents of Sao Paulo, Brazil, are facing severe water restrictions and power interruptions.

As Brazil experiences the worst drought on record environmentalists blame massive deforestation in the Amazon. It is estimated an area the size of 2 Germany's has been cleared. It is suggested this has permanently interrupted the usual currents from the Atlantic that funnelled moisture through the rain forest.

As the 22 million residents of Sao Paulo city face only having water 2 days a week and rolling blackouts, Brazil's fertile southeast coffee-growing region is also hard hit. It is estimated it will take 4 years for water storage areas to fill up again (from their current 4% full) if normal rains return.

However, the World Wildlife Fund warns that halting deforestation now is no longer enough. The damage can only be repaired by replanting and will take decades to reverse.

Uploaded Oct 17, 2014 by Al Jazeera English:

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Putin Critic Assassinated Near Kremlin. ... Feb 28, 2015.

55 year-old Boris Nemtsov has been gunned-down while walking across a bridge near the Kremlin in Moscow. He was shot at least 4 times by a gunman in a car that drove up alongside him.

Nemtsov was the opposition leader and was due to head a mass rally the next day to protest against wide spread corruption and the Ukraine conflict.

Uploaded Feb 28, 2015 by The Telegraph.

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Italian Cop Drugged & Raped Tourists. ... Feb 7, 2015.

An Italian policeman in Padua has been charged with drugging and raping a 16 year-old Australian tourist.

The 35 year-old cop lured women to his house via by offering accommodation and to act as their tour guide.

Initially 16 women from various countries came forward with the same story but investigators believe up to 100 women and girls may have been involved. The crooked cop used his role as a police officer to intimidate and threaten his victims afterwards, and was also involved in child pornography.

Uploaded Feb 15, 2015 by TomoWorld:

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Rock Star Child Sex Predator Jailed: ... Feb 28, 2015.

Former rock star "Gary Glitter" has been jailed for 16 years for sexually abusing 3 schoolgirls.

The youngest victim was only 9 years old when she was assaulted by Glitter (real name Paul Gadd) in 1975. Glitter has a long history of pedophilia being jailed in 1999 for possession of 4,000 child pornography images, and expelled from Cambodia in 2002 after being convicted of sexually abusing two girls aged 10 and 11.

Further charges may be forthcoming. Glitter's arrest came as a result of Operation Yewtree which was launched after the UK's Jimmy Saville scandal.

Uploaded Feb 5, 2015 by Sky News:

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Pilot Survives Plane Crash in Ocean: ... Jan 26, 2015.

A solo pilot has ditched into the Pacific Ocean near Maui , Hawaii and survived unscathed.

The pilot radioed that he was about to run out of fuel and was advised by the Coast Guard to ditch near a cruise ship which was in the vicinity.

Lucky for the pilot he was flying a Cirrus SR-22 which was fitted with an emergency parachute. He managed a near perfect ditching considering the gale force winds (up to 30 mph) and seas up to 12 feet.

Uploaded Jan 26, 2015 by 301+News:

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Divers Find 2,000 Ancient Gold Coins : ... Feb 18, 2015.

Scuba divers have found 2,000 gold coins (weight 9kg... but "priceless") dating back over a thousand years off Israel's Mediterranean coast.

The coins date back to the Fatimid Caliphate which ruled much of the Middle East and North Africa from 909-1171.

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2015 by AFP news agency:

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Monkey to Inherit Couple's Fortune: ... Feb 16, 2015.

A wealthy, childless Indian couple have decided to leave all their assets to their 10 year-old monkey "Chunmun".

They adopted the long-tail macaque (the breed can live for up to 40 years) after it was orphaned, and consider it to be "like a son". The couple believe their pet has brought them good luck in amassing their wealth.

The husband is Hindu while his wife is Muslim. Their families didn't approve of their marriage and long ago disowned and disinherited them.

Uploaded on Feb 16, 2015 by ANI:
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Who Ate My Lunch? by Eugene Roberts

The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

Are your job, income or savings under threat?

Read more of Who Ate My Lunch? for free.

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"Take a peek at this. You won't believe the accidents that can happen while you're at work, driving in your car, or fighting a bull!"...

"Now that's scary! Don't let it happen to you."

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Who Ate My Lunch?
by Eugene Roberts

cover who ate my lunch

The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old Business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

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Who Ate My Lunch?
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