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"We have to lift the fear and smother the greed. White-collar criminals are scared of going to jail. I had 10 years on Wall Street and going to jail is the thing that scares them most... When they come up to the 18th floor and they put people in handcuffs and wheel them off they don't come back. It sends a message."

... Greg Medcraft, Australian Securities & Investments
Commission Chairman, AFR Dec 2 2014.

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"Child psychiatrists and pediatricians are increasingly seeing children who are just having meltdowns... children as young as 4 or 5 with generalized anxiety disorders. I've just seen a 6-year-old and he's worried about mum dying, getting lost, being hungry, and burglars... He's in Year One and he's worried about going to school and having to write about what he did on the weekend. He said 'I get stressed'. Electronic devices steal children's imaginations. Electronic media abuse and addiction is our next public health issue, up there with tobacco and alcohol."

... Elizabeth Green, Pediatrician
The Australian Dec 13-14, 2014.

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"There is complete panic in the Financial markets (in Russia)... The central bank has hours or days probably to get this under control because if the population runs to the banks to get their deposits, then it's game over."

... Lubomir Mitkov, Institute International Finance,
WSJ Dec 17, 2014.

*Russia's Central Bank pushes interest rates up 6.5% overnight to 17% in a desperate scramble to ward of the effects of plunging oil prices and a plunging currency.

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"(50 years ago) we had police stations filled with local police who arrested local crooks and took them before the local magistrate... But the world is more complex now. Local police can't deal with outlaw motorcycle gangs, family violence or internet-based crimes. If we don't change we will be really good at reacting to crime and not very good at stopping it. We need to reset. What does the community want... to prevent crime or catch the crooks after they have committed the crime?"

... Ken Lay, Police Chief Commissioner Victoria
The AGE Dec 13, 2014.

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2-Year-old Accidentally Shoots His Mother : ... December 30, 2014.

A 29-year-old mother has been accidentally shot and killed by her 2-year-old son in northern Idaho, USA.

The victim was shopping in a Walmart store with her young child sitting in the shopping cart near her purse. The baby somehow found the small calibre handgun inside the purse (the mother had a concealed-weapons permit) which accidentally discharged.

Similar child & gun related tragedies occurred earlier in the year when a 3-year-old accidentally shot himself in the face in Washington, and a 2-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 11-year-old sister in Philadelphia.

Uploaded Dec 30, 2014 by Associated Press.

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Spate of UK Deaths Russian Mafia Related? ... Dec 10, 2014.

England's TELEGRAPH newspaper asks if there is a link to the recent deaths of 6 UK developers who were all involved in "the murky world of Russian business".

The most recent death is that of Scot Young (worth an estimated £400 million at his peak) who plunged from his London penthouse and was impaled on a wrought-iron fence 5 floors below.

Friends of the deceased "claim he owed millions of pounds to the Russian and Turkish mafias after the failure of a property venture", one of whom said "It was not a suicide". A Moscow radio station also raised the question... "Did he fall or was he thrown?"

Other associates of the deceased who have also experienced "accidents" include... his 55-year-old friend Johnny Elichaoff (who fell to his death from a west London shopping centre one month earlier)... exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky found dead in his home last March... 47-year-old Robert Curtis who fell under a London train in 2102... property entrepreneur Paul Castle who also fell under a train in 2010... and Stephen Curtis who died in a helicopter crash in 2004.

Uploaded Dec 10, 2014 by Press Association:

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Brazilian Man Killed 41 "For The Fun of It": ... Dec 13, 2014.

A 26-year-old Brazilian man from Rio de Janeiro has confessed to killing at least 41 people over the past 9 years.

Most victims (37) were white women, as well as 3 men and a 2-year-old child. Police Commissioner Medina said "He wanted to kill women... white women, not black... for the fun of it." He killed the baby to stop it crying. Four were "contract killings", one over a debt of only $15.

The murderer planned his crimes meticulously and would observe and study his victims for weeks before killing them, usually by stabbing or strangulation.

Police describe the killer as a psychopath who has shown no remorse, but has said that "Killing calmed me down... When I wasn't killing someone I got uptight... I don't feel remorse... as soon as I get out I'll do the same thing all over again".

The maximum prison sentence for a serial killer under Brazilian law is 30 years.

This follows the arrest in Goiania just 2 months prior of another Brazilian serial killer of over 39 people (a 26-year-old man killed mainly attractive, young, white women by shooting them dead from his motor-bike).

Uploaded Dec 11, 2014 by ArianrhodJelena.

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Teenager Convicted of Murdering Soldier & Pregnant Wife. ... Oct 2, 2014.

A Colorado court has found a 19-year-old teenager guilty of murdering a soldier and his pregnant wife in a home burglary gone wrong. The teenager was only 17 when he killed the recently married couple.

37-year-old Staff Sgt. David Dunlap returned to his home mid-morning to investigate a triggered alarm but was shot in the back as he entered. Minutes later his 13 week pregnant wife Whitney also arrived back to investigate but was shot in the head as she leaned over her husband's body.

Uploaded Sept 19, 2014 by Channel 13 News:

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Cash Rains Down in Hong Kong: ... Dec 24, 2014.

Bystanders on one of Hong Kong's busiest roads couldn't believe their luck when money began showering down on them on Christmas eve.

An armoured van transporting HK$525 million (US$68 million) lost part of its load when a faulty latch on a rear door dumped crates of money onto the road. Drivers stopped their vehicles and onlookers rushed out onto the road in a mad scramble for the loot (almost US$5 million).

One eyewitness described seeing "bundles of HK$500 wrapped in plastic"... one woman "had an armful of (at least 10) bricks of cash... she just disappeared".

Police warned that keeping the money was "an offence of theft which is very serious". Over US$2 million is still missing.

Uploaded Dec 24, 2014 by TomoNews US:

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Sick Rape Plot on Craigslist: ... Dec 4, 2014.

A 53-year-old California woman has pleaded guilty to stalking and harassment charges (which carry jail term of up to 5 years).

The San Diego woman has a disabled daughter and was named local "Mother of the Year" in 2006. However, she turned into a monster when she was outbid for her "dream home" by another couple.

Some of the tactics she resorted to as payback were; stopping mail to the house; the unauthorised ordering and delivery of incontinence supplies and $1,000 worth of books; listing the property for re-sale; soliciting for missionaries to knock on the door; sending Valentine cards to women in the area in the husband's name; and posting online for everyone to come to a party there.

But worst of all... she placed an add on Craigslist posing as the woman and saying she always fantasised about a man coming to her house and raping her. "I'd love to be surprised and have a man show up at my door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say 'No!".

One man actually tried twice. One time he couldn't get through the locked gate. The second time he was stopped because the husband appeared at the door.

Uploaded April 10, 2014 by GeoBeats News:

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Outrage in India over Uber Taxi Rape : ... Dec 13, 2014.

The alleged rape of a 27-year-old female finance executive in Delhi, India has sparked outrage over internet taxi service Uber.

Uber, which is disrupting taxi industries all over the world, stands accused of not exercising enough care when it comes to background checks of its drivers.

In this case the 32-year-old Indian driver had a history of violent sexual abuse and previous charges of rape at knifepoint. Locals have called him "a compulsive sex offender".

Uber has been accused of expanding too rapidly and that the proper checks are not always in place. It doesn't help when one Uber top executive has been quoted as joking it should be called "Boober" because using the service is a great way to pick up women.

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2014 by BBC News:

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What Would We Do Without Google? ... Dec 15, 2014.

A world without Google?... can't imagine it.

Uploaded on Dec 15, 2014 by Google Australia:
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Who Ate My Lunch? by Eugene Roberts

The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

Are your job, income or savings under threat?

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Who Ate My Lunch?
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The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old Business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

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Who Ate My Lunch?
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