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"The figures we're seeing are horrifying. We know that the single biggest category is amphetamines. The simple reality is people who are high on ice are paranoid and deluded and simply should not be behind the wheel of a car. They cannot control themselves, let alone a vehicle."

... Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, NSW Australia
The Australian, Sept 26-27th 2015.

* In a recent operation police found almost half of all drivers stopped tested positive to illegal drugs... many times higher than for drunk driving.

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"All your servers are going under DDoS attack (distributed denial of service of Internet) unless you pay 25 bitcoin. Please note that it will not be easy to mitigate our attack because our current UDP flood power is 400-500 Gbps... It is just to prove that we are serious."

... DD4BC Cyber Criminal Gang
The AFR September 28th 2015.

* The follow-up threat from these cyber-extortionists: "If you ignore us and don't pay within 24 hours, long-term attack will start... price to stop will go to 50BTC (bitcoin) and will keep increasing for every hour of attack. If you are thinking of reporting this to authorities, feel free to try. But it won't help. We are not amateurs. We do bad things but we keep our word".

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"Behind the backs of buyers and sellers, false quoting is their big joke. The other day an agent (selling real estate) said to me... 'If we didn't lie to the sellers we'd never get any listings and if we didn't lie to the buyers we'd never sell anything. The tougher it gets the more we have to lie'... Most (realty) agents genuinely believe lying is a prerequisite to their basic survival."

... Neil Jenman, realty consumer advocate
The AFR, September 19-20th 2015.

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"These migrants (flooding into Europe) are not coming our way from war zones but from camps in Syria's neighbours... So these people are not fleeing danger and don't need to be scared for their lives.The influx is endless: from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Ethiopia, Nigeria. If they are all going to come here, then Europe is going to go under."

... Victor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister
AFP September 14th 2015.

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Tourists Accidentally Killed by Egyptian Forces: ... September 14, 2015.

Egyptian security forces have accidentally killed 12 people and wounded another 10 after they attacked a tourist convoy in the Black Desert in Egypt's western Al-Wahat region.

The victims included 2 Mexicans confirmed dead, 6 Mexicans wounded and 6 unaccounted for, as well as Egyptian tour guides. The 4-vehicle convoy was blasted by an aerial bombardment from an airplane and helicopters as well as automatic gunfire.

Authorities claim the area is "off limits to foreign tourists" due to Islamic State terrorist activities (a Croatian man was recently beheaded in the area). Tour organiser's deny this claim but say they had been forced to take a short cut because one of the tourists was a diabetic in desperate need to eat.

Uploaded September 14, 2015 by euronews (English).

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4th Blogger Hacked to Death in Bangladesh. ... August 7, 2015.

Well known Bangladeshi secular blogger Niloy Chakrabarti was hacked to death by a gang armed with machetes and cleavers in his apartment. His earlier pleas for police protection (after receiving death threats) had been ignored.

He is the 4th blogger to be murdered in the past 6 months for expressing views on social media critical of extremist Muslim ideologies.

The victim used a pen name but was still tracked down by an organisation claiming to be a branch of al-Qaida. Sources say radical Islamists may have a "hit list" with up to 84 blogger's name's on it.

Uploaded August 7, 2015 by CNN:

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Good Samaritans Killed by Stranded Driver. ... July 31, 2015.

An "illegal" 18-year-old Hispanic man has been charged over the roadside shooting deaths of a Montana couple and the attempted murder of their daughter. The incident took place outside the small country town of Pryor on the Crow American Indian Reservation.

47 year-old Tana Shane first spotted the accused, Jesus Deniz, stopped by the side of the road. When told he was "out of gas" she went for help.

She returned accompanied with her 51 year-old husband (Jason) and 24 year-old daughter Jorah. The accused then pulled out a .22 caliber rifle and demanded money.

Upon being told that the family had just returned from a religious revival and only had small change he ordered them out of the car, killed the parents and wounded their daughter as she ran away.

Uploaded August 13, 2015 by BBC News.

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Over 1,000 Die at Hajj in Mecca: ... September 24, 2015.

An unofficial Saudi Arabian medical source puts the death toll from the crush at the tent city of Mina (near the holy city of Mecca ) at almost 1,200. Hundreds more were injured.

Some 2 million Muslims gather each year at this time for the annual Hajj... a journey to Muhammad's birthplace that all healthy followers must make at least once in their lifetime.

This tragedy follows a crane collapse 2 weeks earlier at the Grand Mosque which killed 107 and injured 238.

Previous incidents have occurred in 1990 (when 1,426 perished in an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel) and 2006 (346 died). After the latter a British company installed a computerised crowd control system in some areas, but not where Wednesday's deaths took place.

Uploaded September 24, 2015 by DW (English):

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Drones & Satellites Beat Wildlife Poachers: ... August 31, 2015.

Conservationists are successfully using drones and satellite technology to protect wildlife from poachers.

Sophisticated software, aerial surveillance drones, and night-vision cameras fitted with seismic and magnetic ground sensors can detect human poachers and transmit images and data back to rangers and conservationists.

Uploaded May 5, 2015 by Associated Press:

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Sisters Saved from Barbaric Justice in India: ... September 18, 2015.

India's Supreme Court has ordered police in Delhi to provide protection to 2 sisters (aged 23 and 15) and their family.

The sisters were to be punished because their brother (also an "untouchable") had eloped with a married woman who belonged to a higher Hindu caste.

The punishment handed out (by the all male, unelected village council) was for the sisters to be raped and then paraded naked in public with their faces blackened.

The family had fled the village and their house been ransacked. Over half a million people around the world signed a petition prepared by Amnesty International UK against the horrendous punishment proposed.

Uploaded August 31, 2015 by France 24 English:

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VW Diesel Emissions Scandal Exposed: ... Sept 22, 2015.

The world's largest automobile manufacturer, has become embroiled in a scandal that has rocked the world.

Anti-pollution investigators have discovered that German company VW has for years been cheating in emissions testing of its diesel engines.

Instead of complying with strict US emission tests VW installed software on diesel engines to run in a special "clean-running mode" during government testing (on a dynamometer/rollers) but to then revert to the normal, dirtier but more economical mode during every day use.

Investigators were shocked to find that engines that were supposed to be ultra-clean were in fact emitting up to 40 times more dangerous Nitrogen Oxides than the legal limit. The dodgy software sensed when a car was being tested and injected urea into the exhaust system to clean up fumes.

The World Health Organisation believes up to 500,000 die prematurely in Europe yearly due to air pollution (half of all vehicles in Europe are diesel).

VW have admitted that at least 11 million such engines were produced. VW's share price plummeted 35% in 2 days wiping up to $17 billion off the company's value; not to mention the $18 billion in penalties and lawsuits to come.

Uploaded on Sept 22, 2015 by CNNMoney:

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Chris Brown Hates Domestic Violence: ... September 28, 2015.

American RnB singer Chris Brown is set to be denied an entry Visa to Australia on character grounds, and has 28 days to convince the authorities why he should be granted one. The reason is his conviction of felony assault for violently attacking his former girlfriend singer Rihanna in 2010.

Meanwhile, tickets to his One Hell Of A Night Tour are still being sold.

Chris Brown's reply is: "I would be more than grateful to come to Australia to raise awareness about domestic violence. I'm not the pink elephant in the room anymore... My life mistakes should be a wakeup call for everyone... Trying to prevent spousal abuse. The youth don't listen to parents nor do they listen to PSAs. The power that we have as Entertainers can change lives".

Uploaded on September 28, 2015 by SBS2Australia:
Safety and Security...Safety and Security

Who Ate My Lunch? by Eugene Roberts

The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

Are your job, income or savings under threat?

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Who Ate My Lunch?
by Eugene Roberts

cover who ate my lunch

The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm... Old Business models are being destroyed and jobs are disappearing offshore at an astonishing rate. Analysts warn that "China and India are poised to out-think us and out-compete us by their sheer numbers" and that "there is no job security now".

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Who Ate My Lunch?
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